PEARLS of Wisdom Grant**

*Once funding is secured for the duration of a child’s education through the 9th grade, a PEARLS of Wisdom Grant will be awarded. Then donations will begin accruing toward a new educational grant.

**$40 of every annual PEARLS of Wisdom Grant will be saved to cover incidentals including tutoring and uniform and shoe repair or replacement throughout the academic year as needed.  Any funds left over at the end of the fiscal year will be used where most needed.

Fresh Water PEARLS
Donations will be used to keep the school-based water tank full and to provide water filters* to families in the village.

*Water filter donations include a Filter of Hope  and two five gallon buckets. One bucket is used for the dirty water and the other for the clean water after it is filtered.

PEARLS of Nourishment
Donations will be used to provide a nutritious, hot lunch to students at The Village School of the Future. The food is purchased locally from farmers, cooked by women from the village and served Monday through Friday.

To make a general donation to Pearls in Haiti, please use the gold PayPal button below. Thank you.