Once known as the Pearl of the Antilles due to its natural beauty, today Haiti is more widely known as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti is often viewed as an ugly shell covered with barnacles of poverty, political unrest, disease and hopelessness.

Just as a pearl’s luster can not be seen or appreciated from outside the shell, the inner beauty and value of the people and country of Haiti is frequently overlooked or misunderstood by the outside world.

Like the grain of sand lodged in an oyster, the Haitian people have irritants including lack of education, sustenance and healthcare embedded in their lives. Through empowering partnerships and increased opportunities, children and their families are enabled to surround these daily struggles with their God-given abilities, perseverance and renewed hope leading to beautiful transformation.

The Haitian people are luminous pearls who simply need partners to come alongside to help open the shell so their God-given beauty and value can be fully realized. PEARLS provides these needed partners through people like YOU! Please consider becoming a partner in our vision to enrich academics and resources leading to sustainability in Bonnette, Haiti! 

What is PEARLS

Partners – PEARLS is partnering with the village of Bonnette, Haiti to help alleviate their most pressing needs.

Enriching – By providing essential funding, educational opportunities and resources will be greatly enriched for the entire community.

– PEARLS is collaborating with the director of The Village School of the Future in Bonnette to provide financial assistance to students whose families can not afford to send them to school.

Resources – PEARLS’ priorities include access to daily meals for students and clean drinking water for the entire village.

Leading – By empowering community leaders to provide direction and guidance, PEARLS enables them to exercise leadership within the partnership.

Sustainability – Sustainable development in Bonnette is the ultimate goal of both the community and PEARLS.



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